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Bacís flotation cell for gold- and silver-beard pyrite recovery

Minerals & Metallurgical Processing , 2009, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 25-29

Parga, J.R.; Valenzuela, J.L.; Aguayo, S.


In mineral processing, poor froth-flotation performance translates into both an enormous loss of revenue and an unnecessary waste of the ore reserve. In this context, Bacís Mining Company developed a versatile new, high-performance flotation-cell design that can be incorporated into various flotation circuits. The main feature of this circular cell is that it is comprised of two separate sections, namely, a flotation cell that uses wash water to minimize the entrainment of fine gangue particles into the froth product and an external bubble generator that produces small bubbles of relatively uniform size at a specified aeration-rate. The air/water mixture is blended with the pulp by gentle agitation, so as to enhance particle-bubble aggregate-stability. Comparative metallurgical performance with conventional flotation cells show that the power requirements and operating costs for precious metal flotation are three times lower, while the concentrate grade is 7% higher and the recoveries of precious metals are 5% higher.