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February 2012 - Volume 29, No. 1

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1 Optimization of multistage circuits for gravity concentration of heavy mineral sands
McKeon, T. J. Luttrell, G. H.
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6 Properties of decanter centrifuges in the mining industry
Merkl, R. Steiger, W.
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13 Wettability of kaolinite basal planes based on surface force measurements using atomic force microscopy
Yin, X. Miller, J. D.
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20 Chemically enhanced magnetic separation technologies for kaolin processing
Raitani, R. Jiang, S. Bhatnagar, A. Ravishankar, S. A.
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27 Advances in selective flocculation processes for the beneficiation of kaolin
Pruett, R. J.
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36 Recent technological breakthroughs in phosphate processing
Zhang, P. El-Shall, H.
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47 Application of the quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation method to a study of oleate adsorption onto a hydroxyapatite surface
Kou, J. Tao, D. Sun, T. Xu, G.
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56 Investigation of jigging as a method for removing dolomite from high-MgO phosphate ores
Carlson, J. T. Eisele, T. C. Kawatra, S. Komar
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61 New developments in the recovery of manganese from lower-grade resources
Chow, N. Nacu, A. Warkentin, D. Teh, H. Aksenov, I. Fisher, J. W.
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