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May 2012 - Volume 29, No. 2

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75 Comparison of low-grade hematite product characteristics in a high-pressure grinding roller and jaw crusher
Han, Yuexin Liu, Lei Yuan, Zhitao Wang, Zehong Zhang, Patrick
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81 Microbially induced separation of quartz from hematite using yeast cells and metabolites
Natarajan, K. A. Padukone, S. Usha
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88 Upgrading difficult-to-float coal using microemulsion
Ahmed, Hussin A.M. Drzymala, Jan
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97 Evaluation of sulfuric acid baking and leaching of enargite concentrates
Safarzadeh, M. S. Moats, M. S. Miller, J. D.
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103 A posteriori analysis of analytical models for heap leaching
Mellado, M. E. Galvez, E.D. Cisternas, L.A. Ordonez, J.
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113 Dissolubility and surface properties of a natural sphalerite in aqueous solution
Liu, Jian Wen, Shuming Xian, Yongjun Deng, Jiushuai Huang, Yanlong
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121 Roasting kinetics of high-arsenic copper concentrates: a review
Devia, M. Wilkomirsky, I. Parra, R.
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