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May 2016 - Volume 33, No. 2

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53 Opportunities for plant-site 3D coarse particle characterization with automated high-speed X-ray tomography
Miller, J.D. Lin, C.L.
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58 Utility of mass-balanced EH-pH diagrams I – Applications of Gibbs’ Phase Rule
Gow, R.N. Huang, H. Young, C.
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68 Partition moment of inertia: Techno-economic partition curve analysis with applications to coal separations
Noble, A. Luttrell, G.H.
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77 Effect of pyrite concentration on the quality of ferric sulfate coagulants obtained by leaching from coal tailings
Menezes, J.C.C.C. Colling, A.V. Silva, R.A.S. Scheneider, I.A.H.
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82 Estimating the density of molten CaF2-Al2O3-CaO slags based on optical basicity
Birol, B. Saridede, M.N.
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88 Study of the effect of ultrasonic treatment on mineral materials of different morphologies
Singh, V. Venugopal, R. Saxena, V.K. Mukherjee, A.K.
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97 On the mineral recovery estimation in Cu/Mo flotation plants
Vinnett, L. Yianatos, J. Flores, S.
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