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August 2017 - Volume 34, No. 3

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107 Process evaluation and flowsheet development for the recovery of rare earth elements from coal and associated byproducts
Honaker, R.Q. Groppo, J. Yoon, R.-H. Luttrell, G.H. Noble, A. Herbst, J.
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116 Physical chemistry considerations in the selective flotation of bastnaesite with lauryl phosphate
Liu, W. Wang, X. Xu, H. Miller, J.D.
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125 Solvent extraction and separation of cerium(III) and samarium(III) from mixed rare earth solutions using PC88A
Agarwal, V. Safarzadeh, M.S.
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132 Concentration of rare earth minerals from coal by froth flotation
Zhang, W. Honaker, R. Groppo, J.
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138 Characterizing rare earth elements in Alaskan coal and ash
Gupta, T. Ghosh, T. Akdogan, G. Srivastava, V.K.
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146 Rare-earth leaching from Florida phosphate rock in wet-process phosphoric acid production
Liang, H. Zhang, P. Jin, Z. DePaoli, D.
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154 2017 MPD Student Poster Contest Reviewed Abstracts
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