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August 2016 - Volume 33, No. 3

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107 Utility of mass-balanced EH-pH diagrams II: Stoichiometry of Cu-As-S-H2O system
Gow, R.N. Huang, H. Young, C.
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116 Evaluation of beneficiation options for recovery of ultrafine thermal coal
Menéndez, M. Gent, M.R. Riesgo, P. Suarez, A.
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126 Impact of silica on cadmium cementation by zinc dust in a zinc SX/EW plant
Janwong, A. De Wet, K.
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131 Activation-flotation kinetics of depressed marmatite and chalcopyrite in cyanidation tailings using sodium hypochlorite as activator
Yang, X. Huang, X. Qiu, T.
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137 Effects of major ions in recycled water on sulfide minerals flotation
Bulut, G. Yenial, Ü.
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144 Simulation of the flow field in an iron ore pelletizing kiln
Larsson, I.A.S. Marjavaara, B.D. Lundström, T.S.
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149 Molybdenite polytypism and its implications for processing and recovery: A geometallurgical-based case study from Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah
McClung, C.R.
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156 Engineering iron ore pellets to reduce their dustiness
Halt, J.A. Kawatra, S.K.
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157 Solvent extraction of lanthanum (III) using PC88A extractant diluted in kerosene
Agarwal, V. Safarzadeh, M.S.
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158 Tannins in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy
Rutledge, J. Anderson, C.
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159 Measuring froth-pulp interactions at high-speed frame fates
Nugent, L.
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160 Optimizing low-grade manganese carbonate extraction using sulfuric acid and oxalic acid
Graham, T.
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