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August 2012 - Volume 29, No. 3

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137 Method for reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gases in an iron ore traveling grate furnace
Clements, B. Pomalis, R. Zheng, L. Herage, T. Godin, E.
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144 Method to establish theoretical yield-grade relation for Indian iron ore slime through quantitative mineralogy
Banerjee, A. Mukherjee, A.K.
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148 Adsorption and zeta potential studies relevant to hematite ore reverse froth flotation
Jiang, Wentian Sun, Chenglin Yang, Xu
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156 Kinetics of dissolution in H2SO4 of sulfated phosphate rock
Sinirkaya, M.H. Ozer, A.K. Gulaboglu, M.S.
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159 Mechanism of nonoxidizing and oxidative pyrrhotite leaching
Chepushtanova, T.A. Mamyrbaeva, K.K. Luganov, V.A. Mishra, B.
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165 Acid leaching of uranium from a low-grade Indian uranium ore deposit
Sreenivas, T.A. Padmanabhan, N.P.H.
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169 Characterization of Bayer red mud from Guizhou, China
Gu, Hannian Wang, Ning Liu, Shirong
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172 Mineralogy study on a low-grade Cu-Ni-PGM sulfide ore in Jinbaoshan, China
Liu, Siqing Tong, Xiong Song, Baoxu Wen, Shuming
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177 Defining a coupling coefficient for rock samples in a parallel-plate capacitor
Swart, A.J.
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