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November 2011 - Volume 28, No. 4

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169 Thermochemistry of the Fe, Ni and Co-NH3-H2O systems as they relate to the Caron process: a review
Asselin, AE.
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176 Coarse particle fracture with the ultrafast load cell
Tuzcu, E.T. Dhawan, N. Rajamani, R.K.
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187 Beneficiation of refractory rock phosphate by calcination and flotation
Khoshjavan, S. Rezai, B.
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193 Influence of pebble mill operating conditions on measurements with an in-mill sensor
Alatalo, J. Palsson, B.I. Tano, K.
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198 Recovery of mercury from spent silver oxide button cells
Aktas, S. Morcali, M.H.
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204 Purification of niobium oxide by dissolution and solvent extraction
Nathsarma, K.C. Nayak, B.B. Brahmbhatt, P. Pradhan, S.
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208 Leaching characteristics of copper refractory ore in sulfate media
van der Merwe, R. Kasaini, H.
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