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November 2009 - Volume 26, No. 4

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179 Effective diffusivity of ferric ions and current efficiency in stagnant synthetic copper electrowinning solutions
Moats, M. Khouraibchia, Y.
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187 Optimal synthesis of an industrial fluorspar beneficiation plant using a jumping gene adaptation of genetic algorithm
Guria, C. Varma, M. Gupta, S.K. Mehrotra, S.P.
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203 Desulfurization and deashing of a mixture of subbituminous coal and gangue minerals by selective oil agglomeration
Ayhan, F.D.
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208 Petrographic characterization of economizer fly ash
Valentim, B. Soares, S. Guedes, A. Garcia, C. Flores, D. Hower, J.C. Oliveira, A.
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217 Microbially induced separation of arsenopyrite and bioremediation of arsenic
Chandraprabha, M.N. Natarajan, K.A.
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222 Direct alkaline leaching of mechanically activated diasporic bauxite
Taskin, E. Yildiz, K. Alp, A.
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226 Geometrical optimization of the structure of carboxylic acids vis-à-vis their effectiveness toward iron ore flotation
Bag, B. Das, D. Mishra, B.K.
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