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August 2010 - Volume 27, No. 3

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117 Improved nickel and cobalt recovery from nickeliferous laterites in acidic fluoride media
Luo, Wei Wang, Dianzuo Qiming, Feng Jiankang, Wentian
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124 Pellet feed production via the concentration of flotation tailings
Vieira, M.G. Peres, A.E.C.
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129 Solvent extraction of zirconium from zircon leach liquor using triphenylphosphine oxide
Saberyan, K. Vahedian-Donyaparast, P. Noparast, M. Zolfonoun, E. Nemati, A.
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133 Performance of a full-scale continuous centrifugal concentrator in reconcentrating fine hematite from tailings
Chen, Luzheng Liu, Siqing Wen, Shuming
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141 Copper losses in sulfide concentrate smelting slag are dependent on slag composition
Zivkovic, Z. Mitevska, N. Mihajlovic, I. Nikolic, D.
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148 Laboratory study of an organic binder for pelletization of a magnetite concentrate
de Moraes, S.L. Kawatra, S.K.
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154 Ammonia separation of Ni from spent fly ash leach liquor
Kim, N.-S. Hwang, S.-Y.
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158 Flotation of zinc oxide minerals from low-grade tailings by oxine and dithizone using the Taguchi approach
Hajati, A. Khodadadi, A. Koleini, S.M.
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166 Design, operation and control of a teeter-bed hydroseparator for classification
Kohmuench, J.N. Yan, E.S. Mankosa, M.J. Luttrell, G.H. Bratton, R.C.
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173 Reverse flotation of diaspore from aluminosilicates by a new cationic organosilicon quaternary ammonium collector
Yu, Xinyang Zhong, Hong Liu, Guangyi
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