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February 2017 - Volume 34, No. 1

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1 Design of a continuous pilot-scale deslime thickener
Haselhuhn, H.J. Kawatra, S.K.
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10 Heat generation model in the ball-milling process of a tantalum ore
Marino-Salguero, J. Jorge, J. Menendez-Aguado, J.M. Alvarez-Rodriguez, B. de Felipe, J.J.
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20 Study on copper recovery from smelted low-grade e-scrap using hydrometallurgical methods
Rudnik, E. Dashbold, N.
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30 Effects of solids concentration on gas dispersion in industrial mechanical cells
Lopez-Saucedo, F. Uribe-Salas, A. Davila-Pulido, G. Magallanes-Hernandez, L. Batista Rodriguez, J.
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36 Mineral chemistry and phase equilibrium constraints on the origin of accretions formed during copper flash smelting
Fernandez-Caliani, J.C. Moreno-Ventas, I. Bacedoni, M. RĂ­os, G.
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44 Kinetic study of titanium-bearing electric arc furnace molten slag treated by molten sodium hydroxide
Li, Y. Ni, H. Zhou, Y. Li, D. Zheng, F. Zhang, M. Guo, M.
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