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February 2009 - Volume 26, No. 1

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1 Binders for heap leaching agglomeration
Lewandowski, K.A. Kawatra, S. Komar
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25 BacĂ­s flotation cell for gold- and silver-beard pyrite recovery
Parga, J.R. Valenzuela, J.L. Aguayo, S.
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30 Cellular acclimation of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans to sulfur biooxidation
Zhang, C.-G. Xia, J.-L. Ding, J.-N. Ouyang, X.-D. Nie, Z.-Y. Qiu, G.-Z.
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35 Iron removal from Turkish quartz sand by chemical leaching and bioleaching
Arslan, V. Bayat, O.
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41 Simulation assisted performance improvements in iron ore processing plants
Ersayin, S. Bond, W.M. Arola, J. Strukel, R.J. Kettunen, B.
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49 Chloride leaching of a complex matte: comparison of oxidants
Kim, H.I. Park, K.H. Mohapatra, D.
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