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November 2017 - Volume 34, No. 4

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161 Recovering rare earths from waste phosphors using froth flotation and selective flocculation
Yu, M. Mei, G. Li, Y. Liu, D. Peng, Y.
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170 Chemical extraction of rare earth elements from coal ash
Peiravi, M. Ackah, L. Guru, R. Mohanty, M. Liu, J. Xu, B. Zhu, X. Chen, L.
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178 Exploring blast furnace slag as a secondary resource for extraction of rare earth elements
Abhilash, A. Meshram, P. Sarkar, S. Venugopalan, T.
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183 The ultimate mineral processing challenge: Recovery of rare earths, phosphorus and uranium from Florida phosphatic clay
Zhang, P. Liang, H. Jin, Z. DePaoli, D.
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189 Rare earth mineralogy in tailings from Kiirunavaara iron ore, northern Sweden: Implications for mineral processing
Wanhainen, C. Palsson, B.I. Martinsson, O.
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201 Rare earths recovery and gypsum upgrade from Florida phosphogypsum
Liang, H. Zhang, P. Jin, Z. DePaoli, D.
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