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May 2014 - Volume 31, No. 2

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73 Review of organic binders for iron ore concentrate agglomeration
Halt, J.A. Kawatra, S.K.
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95 Iron ore flotation with environmentally friendly reagents
Sandvik, K.L. Larsen, E.
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103 Modern air pollution control for iron ore induration
Bolen, J.
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115 Pyrrhotite flotation and its selectivity against pentlandite in the beneficiation of nickeliferous ores: An electrochemistry perspective
Manouchehri, H.R.
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126 Interaction between iron oxides and olivine in magnetite pellets during reduction at 500°-1,300° C
Semberg, P. Andersson, C. Bjorkman, B.
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136 Beneficiation of a low-grade, hematite-magnetite ore in China
Liu, Siqing Zhao, Yang Wang, Wanping Wen, Shuming
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