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February 2013 - Volume 30, No. 1

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1 Design and development of novel flotation reagents for the beneficiation of Mountain Pass rare-earth ore
Pradip, Fuerstenau, D.W.
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10 Characterization of rare-earth resources at Mountain Pass, CA using high-resolution X-ray microtomography (HRXMT)
Lin, C.L. Hsieh, Ching-Hao Miller, J.D.
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18 Electrophoretic mobility and computations of solid-aqueous solution equilibria for the bastnaesite-H2O system
Herrera-Urbina, R. Pradip, Fuerstenau, D.W.
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24 Surface chemistry considerations in the flotation of rare-earth and other semisoluble salt minerals
Zhang, X. Du, H. Wang, X. Miller, J.D.
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38 Oxide reduction processes in the preparation of rare-earth metals
Gupta, C.K. Krishnamurthy, N.
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45 Kinetics of leaching zinc and indium from indium-bearing zinc ferrite mechanically activated by tumbling mill
Yao, J. Lin, X. Pan, L. Mo, J. Wen, Z.
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53 Separation of rhenium and molybdenum from molybdenite leach liquor by the solvent extraction method
Khoshnevisan, A. Yoozbashizadeh, H. Mohammadi, M. Abazarpoor, A.
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59 Extractive metallurgy of rhenium: a review
Anderson, C.D. Taylor, P.R. Anderson, C.G.
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74 Growth of metallic iron particles during coal-based reduction of a rare-earths-bearing iron ore
Gao, Peng Sun, Yongsheng Ren, Duozhen Han, Yuexin
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