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May 2018 - Volume 35, No. 2

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55 Revisiting the mechanism of cementation: The role of hydrogen species in acidic aqueous media
Casado, J.
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61 Dynamic modeling and simulation of a SAG mill for mill charge characterization
Srivastava, V. Akdogan, G. Ghosh, T. Ganguli, R.
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69 Hydrometallurgical treatment of zinc ash from hot-dip galvanizing process
Rudnik, E. Wloch, G. Szatan, L.
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77 Development of a new fine particle dry separator
Akbari, H. Ackah, L.A. Mohanty, M.K.
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87 Influence of rigid body motion on the attachment of metallic droplets to solid particles in liquid slags – A phase field study
Bellemans, I. Moelans, N. Verbeken, K.
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98 Flotation performance of a new collophane reverse flotation collector
He, D.S. Xie, Z.H. Xie, W.M. Liu, X. Li, H.Q. Wu, Y.Y. Hu, Y.
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