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August 2009 - Volume 26, No. 3

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121 Effect of agglomeration binders on the copper solvent extraction process
Lewandowski, K.A. Kawatra, S.Komar
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127 Connectionist approach for modeling the dry roll magnetic separator
Singh, V.
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133 Processing of manganese nodule leach liquor for the separation of cobalt and nickel using PC 88A
Panigrahi, S. Parhi, P.K. Nathsarma, K.C. Sarangi, K.
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141 Nature of low-grade Indian iron ores and the prospects of their enrichment through gravity separation
Roy, S. Das, A.
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151 Investigation of the effects of various water mediums on desulfurization and deashing of a coal sample by flotation
Ayhan, F.D.
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158 Chemical demineralization of three different graphite ores from Turkey
Kaya, O. Canbazoglu, M.
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163 Pulsating high-gradient magnetic separation of fine hematite from tailings
Chen, Luzheng Xiong, Dahe Huichun, Huang
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169 Improved hydrometallurgical route for tellurium production
Robles-Vega, A. Sanchez-Corrales, V.M. Castillon-Barraza, F.
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174 Release of heavy metals from sulfide flotation tailings under deepwater discharge environments
Lin, H.K. Walsh, D.E. Chen, X. Oleson, J.L.
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