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November 2018 - Volume 35, No. 4

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171 A strategy to accelerate the bioleaching of chalcopyrite through the goethite process
Huang, X. Zhao, H. Zhang, Y. Liao, R. Wang, J. Qin, W. Qiu, G.
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176 Bioleaching of electrolytic manganese residue by silicate bacteria, and optimization of parameters during the leaching process
Lv, Y. Li, J. Ye, H. Xu, Z. Du, D. Chen, S.
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184 Biosolubilization of rock phosphates in a bioreactor using a microbial consortium from rhizospheric soils: An analysis
Xiao, C. Wang, Q. Feng, B. Xu, G. Chi, R.
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192 Dissolution mechanisms of elemental sulfur during biooxidation of a refractory high-sulfur gold concentrate
Song, Y. Yang, H.Y. Tong, L.L. Huang, S.T.
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202 Semicontinuous biooxidation of high-sulfur concentrates: Relationship between volume or mass dissolution rate and pulp density
Song, Y. Yang, H.Y. Tong, L.L. Sand, W.
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215 Extraction of manganese oxide ore by a reduction acidolysis-selective leaching method
Sun, Y. Fu, G. Jiang, L. Cai, X.
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221 Contact-bioleaching mechanism of Ni and Co from sulfide concentrate at neutral pH by heterotrophic bacteria
Cui, X. Gu, Q. Liu, X. Wen, J. Lu, A. Ding, H. Yang, F. Shang, H. Wu, B. Zhang, M. Wang, X.
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230 Mineralogy, geochemistry and leaching characteristics of the high-grade Th-U-Y zone of altered syenite at El Garra El Hamra, SW Desert, Egypt
Mahmoud, Soliman Abu Elatta A. Abdellah, Waild M. Abu Khoziem, Hanaa A.
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