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May 2013 - Volume 30, No. 2

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79 Leaching behavior of copper powders from waste printed circuit board by electrogenerated chlorine and aeration
Zhu, Ping Chen, Yan Hao, Ying Qian, Guangren Fan, Z.Y. Zhou, Ming
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85 Particle size distribution and water recovery under the natural hydrophobic response flotation of printed circuit board comminution fines
Otunniyi, I.O. Vermaak, M.K.G. Groot, D.R.
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91 Selective removal of mercury using zinc sulfide
Gabby, K.L. Eisele, T.C.
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95 Increased carbon dioxide absorption rates in carbonate solutions through surfactant addition
Spigarelli, B.P. Hagadone, P.C. Kawatra, S.K.
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100 Effects of sodium carbonate on the carbothermic reduction of siderite ore with high phosphorus content
Bai, Shaojun Lv, Chao Wen, Shuming Liu, Dianwen Zhang, Wenbin Cao, Qinbo
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108 Carbothermic reduction kinetics of ilmenite concentrates catalyzed by sodium chloride and microwave-absorbing characteristics of reductive products
Li, Wei Peng, Jinhui Shenghui, Guo Zhang, Libo Chen, Guo Xia, Hongying Liu, Bingguo
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117 Discovery of a new source of unavoidable ions in pyrite aqueous solutions
Xian, Yongjun Wen, Shuming Liu, Jian Deng, Jiushuai Bai, Shaojun
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122 Concentration of high-sulfur copper ore using a three-product magnetic flotation column
Deng, Rongdong Liu, Quanjun Hu, Ting Ye, Fenghong
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129 Platinum adsorption from chloride media using carbonized biomass and commercial sorbent
Morcali, M.H. Zeytuncu, B. Yucel, O. Aktas, S. Gulluoglu, A.N.
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