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November 2008 - Volume 25, No. 4

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175 Solvent extraction approach to recover boron from wastewater generated by the LCD manufacturing industry: Part 1
Mohapatra, D. Chaudhury, G.R. Park, K.H.
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181 Study on leaching vanadium from roasted residue of stone coal
He, D. Feng, Q. Zhang, G. Luo, W. Ou, L.
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185 Evaluation of sulfidic mine tailings solidified/stabilized with cement kiln dust and fly ash to control acid mine drainage
Nehdi, M. Tariq, A.
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199 Derivation of mineral processing environmental sustainability indicators using a DEA weight-restricted algorithm
Tsolas, I.
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206 Flotability of metallic iron fines from comminution circuits and their effect on flotation of a sulfide ore
Lin, H.K. Walsh, D.E. Sonderland, S.H. Bissue, C. Debrah, A.
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211 Mixed potential oscillations in the dissolution of galena in ferric sulfate solution
Zhou, Li Li, Heping
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215 Factors influencing dust suppressant effectiveness
Copeland, C.R. Eisele, T.C. Chesney, D.J. Kawatra, S.Komar
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223 Optimization of a grinding and classification circuit of a magnetite ore processing plant through computer simulation
Delgadillo, J.A. Lopez-Valdivieso, A. Tello, A.
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