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May 2009 - Volume 26, No. 2

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55 Theoretical background of the Crago phosphate flotation process
Guan, C.
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65 Studies of anionic reagents for phosphate beneficiation
Zhang, P. Snow, R.L.
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74 Suspension of apatite particles in a self-aerated Denver laboratory flotation cell
Lima, O.A. Marques, C.V.P. Leal Filho, L.S.
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79 Surface tension of flotation solution and its influence on the selectivity of the separation between apatite and gangue minerals
Martins, M. Leal Filho, L.S. Parekh, B.K.
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85 Carbonate separation from sedimentary phosphates through bioflotation
Abdel-Khalek, N.A. El-Shall, H. Abdel-Khalek, M.A. El-Mahdy, A.M. El-Mofty, S.E.
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94 Mechanisms involved in reactive flotation of dolomite
El-Midany, A. El-Shall, H. Stana, R.
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101 Evaluation of phosphate depressants in the phosphate/silica system
Zhang, P. Snow, R.
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105 Sphericity of apatite particles determined by gas permeability through packed beds
Souza Pinto, T.C. Lima, O.A. Leal Filho, L.S.
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109 Production of huntite and hydromagnesite with flame retardant featured by flotation
Kangal, O. Kökkiliç, O. Burat, F.
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114 Determination of the leaching parameters for a refractory gold ore containing aurostibite and antimony minerals: Part II – AD Zone
Deschenes, G. Xia, C. Fulton, M. Cabri, L.J. Price, J.
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