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May 2010 - Volume 27, No. 2

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55 Reprocessing of a French Guyana operation’s tailings using flotation for gold concentration
Durance, M.-V. Botane, P.G. Cailleau, A.E.C.
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60 Gold recovery from high-arsenic-containing ores at Newmont´s roasters
Fernandez, R.R. Collins, A. Marczak, E.
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65 Optimizing complex gold mill metallurgy for cash flow improvement
Brittan, M.I.
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72 Ore characterization, hydrometallurgical and reactive transport studies for in-place leaching of oxidized gold deposits
Roberts, P.A. Zhang, H. Prommer, H. Benvie, B. Jeffrey, M.I. Johnson, C.D. Anand, R.R.
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81 Basic iron sulfate – a potential killer in the processing of refractory gold concentrates by pressure oxidation
Fleming, C.A.
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89 The modular Python processing plant – designed for underground preconcentration
Hughes, T.R. Gray, A.H.
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97 The leaching of MgCO3 and CaCO3 from Mount Isa zinc concentrate
Yigit, E. Saridede, M.N.
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102 Application of the Taguchi orthogonal array design to Cr (VI) solvent extraction
Kul, M. Cetinkaya, U.
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110 Kinetics of dissolution of Mardin-Mazidagi (Turkey) phosphate ore in dilute phosphoric acid solutions
Sinirkaya, M. Ozer, A.K. Gulaboglu, M.S.
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