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May 2017 - Volume 34, No. 2

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53 Heap leach modeling – A review of approaches to metal production forecasting
Marsden, J.O. Botz, M.M.
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65 Comparative analysis of the effect of microwave pretreatment on the milling and liberation characteristics of mineral matters of differentmorphologies
Singh, V. Venugopal, R. Tripathy, S.K. Saxena, V.K.
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76 Production of chalcocite by selective chlorination of chalcopyrite using cuprous chloride
Kang, J. Lee, J.Y.
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84 Comparative study of pellets fired in pot grate and grate kiln pilot furnaces
Wendling, S.S. Nascimento, R.C. Wendling, F.
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91 Solubility of rhodium in dore metal
Avarmaa, K. Taskinen, P.
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96 System dynamics and discrete event simulation of copper smelters
Navarra, A. Marambio, H. Oyarzun, F. Parra, R. Mucciardi, F.
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