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February 2015 - Volume 32, No. 1

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1 Reducing the toxicity of gold-mine effluent using biological reactors and precipitation
Laliberte, M.
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6 Spectroelectrochemistry of enargite I: Reactivity in alkaline solutions
Gow, R.N. Young, C. Huang, H. Hope, G. Takasaki, Y.
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14 Spectroelectrochemistry of enargite III: Alkaline sulfide leaching
Gow, R.N. Young, C. Huang, H. Hope, G.
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22 Thermodynamic and experimental analysis of copper sulfide precipitation in copper-cyanide solutions
Jimenez-Velasco, C. Nava-Alonso, F. Uribe-Salas, A. Alonso-Gonzalez, O.
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30 Direct reduction of magnesium oxide to magnesium using thermal plasma technology
Ramachandran, M. Reddy, R.G.
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38 A few aspects of the connections between ore mineralogy and flotation results at Hitura nickel mine in Finland
Miettunen, H. Heiskanen, K. Keiski, R.L.
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45 Value-based objective functions applied to circuit analysis
Noble, A. Luttrell, G.H.
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59 Can sulfide minerals oxidize water to hydrogen peroxide during grinding in the absence of dissolved oxygen?
Buckley, A.N. Woods, R.
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