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August 2018 - Volume 35, No. 3

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109 Pressure leaching of copper concentrates at Morenci, Arizona – 10 years of experience
Green, C. Robertson, J. Marsden, J.O.
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117 Validation of electrolyte conductivity models in industrial copper electrorefining
Lehtiniemi, I. Kalliomaki, T. Rintala, L. Latostenmaa, P. Aromaa, J. Forsen, O. Lundstrom, M.
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125 Effects of cake thickness and pressure on the filtration of coal refuse slurry
Raman, G.S.S. Klima, M.S.
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133 Direct sulfuric acid leaching of zinc sulfide concentrate using ozone as oxidant under atmospheric pressure
Mubarok, M.Z. Sukamto, K. Ichlas, Z.T. Sugiarto, A.T.
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141 Effect of microwave treatment on the surface properties of chalcopyrite
Azghdi, S.M.S. Barani, K.
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148 Acid mine drainage remediation strategies: A review on migration and source controls
Li, Y. Li, W. Xiao, Q. Song, S. Liu, Y. Naidu, R.
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