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February 2011 - Volume 28, No. 1

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1 Not another HPGR trade-off study!
Amelunxen, P. Meadows, D.
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8 Kaolinite microflotation and electrokinetic properties
Rodrigues, O.M.S. Araujo, A.C. Peres, A.E.C.
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13 Real-time monitoring of arsenic, cadmium, copper and lead concentrations in workplace smelter particulates using a TSI 8520 DustTrak
McDonald, J.P. Larson, R.R. Pahler, L.F. Thiese, M.S.
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21 Beneficiation of high-ash, Indian non-coking coal by dry jigging
Gouri Charan, T.R. Chattopadhyay, U.S. Singh, K.M.P. Kabiraj, S.K. Haldar, D.D.
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24 Shrinking-core model for pig iron nugget production
Anameric, B. Kawatra, S.Komar
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33 Sulfide capacity modeling of FeOx-MO-SiO2 (MO=CaO, MnOx, MgO) melts
Darin, B. Yucel, O.M.S. Reddy, R.G.
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37 Advances in the cyanidation of silver
Deschenes, G. Rajala, J. Pratt, A.R. Guo, H. Fulton, M. Mortazavi, S.
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44 Optimizing conditions for wet grinding of synthetic rutile using response surface methodology
Chen, G. Peng, J.H. Chen, J.
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49 A constitutive relationship for electrokinetic dewatering of phosphatic clay slurries
McKinney, J.P. Orazem, M.E.
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