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November 2015 - Volume 32, No. 4

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191 Flocculation and dispersion studies of iron ore using laser scattering particle size analysis
Haselhuhn, H. Kawatra, S.K.
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196 Study on hydration of montmorillonite in aqueous solutions
Peng, C.L. Min., F.F.
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203 Study of the natural floatability of molybdenite fines in saline solutions and effect of gypsum precipitation
Lucay, F. Cisternas, L.A. Gálvez, E.D. López-Valdivieso , A.
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209 Flotation of a low-grade bauxite ore using an organosilicon cationic collector
Yu, X.Y. Wei, X.A. Zeng, A. Feng, B.
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215 Influence of feed particle size on upgrading selectivity of scavenger stage of industrial copper ore flotation
Duchnowska, M. Bakalarz, A.
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222 Isolation and characterization of a bioflocculant from Bacillus megaterium for turbidity and arsenic removal
Karthiga Devi, K. Natarajan, K.A.
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230 Enhanced ionic exchange of uranium by indirect ultrasonic application with a submerged ultrasound probe
Chung, K.W. Kim, C.-J. Yoon, H.-S.
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235 Index
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