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August 2013 - Volume 30, No. 3

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157 Effect of nanobubbles on the flotation of different sizes of coal particle
Fan, Maoming Tao, D. Zhao, Yuemin Honaker, R.
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137 Coarse and fine “fish hook” inflections in hydrocyclone efficiency curves
Eisele, T.C. Jeltema, C.H.N. Walqui, H. Kawatra, S.K.
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174 Investigation of cobalt sulfate precipitation by alcohol and influencing factors
Aktas, S. Gurcan, H. Keskin, A. Morcali, M.H. Ozbey, S. Yucel, O.
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145 DEM-PBM approach to predicting particle size distribution in tumbling mills
Pérez-Alonso, C.A. Delgadillo, J.A.
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151 Fungal leaching of metals from electronic scrap
Ilyas, Sadia Lee, Jae-chun
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162 Two-stage coal flotation to remove pyritic sulfur, arsenic, selenium and mercury
Cho, E.H. Olajide, O. Yang, R.Y.K.
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169 WROC – An improved waste rock oxidation code
Sunkavalli, S. Kidder, J. Heatwole, K. Shier, D. Davis, A.
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180 Improving leaching recovery of copper from low-grade chalcopyrite ores
Ekenes, J.M. Caro, C.A.
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187 Surfactant addition to alkali solutions for increased carbon dioxide absorption rates
Spigarelli, B.P.
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188 Dispersant adsorption and effects on settling behavior of iron ore
Haselhuhn, H.J.
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190 Novel method for the production of fine-grained tungsten carbide
Anderson, C.A.
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