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November 2014 - Volume 31, No. 4

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181 Simultaneous mercury capture and silver leaching using Ag2S-bearing ores and residues
Gabby, K.L. Eisele, T.C. Bucknam, C.H. Hall, B. Milosavljevic, E.
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186 Effect of morphology on breakage and liberation characteristics of minerals and coal
Singh, V. Venugopal, R. Banerjee, P.K. Saxena, V.K.
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193 Effects of sulfuric acid dosage on the baking of an enargite concentrate
Safarzadeh, M.S. Miller, J.D. Petersen, E.U.
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200 CFD model of a straight-grate furnace for iron oxide pellet induration
Englund, D.J. Davis, R.A.
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209 Electro-biochemical reactor (EBR) technology for selenium removal from British Columbia’s coal-mining waste waters
Opara, A. Peoples, M.J. Adams, D.J. Martin, A.J.
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215 Role of applied potentials on bioleaching of chalcopyrite concentrate and growth of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Natarajan, K.A. Kumari, A.
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